Welcome to Qibbla Halal Kött AB


The company in brief

Qibbla Halal Kött AB is a family-owned, Swedish company established in 1995. The company is the leading manufacturer of Halal meat products in the Nordic countries, with over 300 products on the market. The company has received numerous awards for its serious long-term work, improving quality as well as its social commitment. Qibbla Halal Kött AB has its head office in Järfälla, a suburb of Stockholm.

Our production

Qibbla Halal has two modern production facilities in Sweden; one in Stockholm and one in the region of Småland.

The production is divided into the following categories:

Raw meat of beef, veal, lamb, sheep, chicken (fresh and frozen) Cooked meat products – sliced meats and salami Ready-made foods – meatballs, burgers and sausages, etcetera.

Our modern production facilities, production capacity, the accumulated knowledge within the company, as well as our network and ambition, makes us well prepared to respond to the needs and desires of the market both now and in the future.

Our market

The company’s products reach consumers via retail trade, restaurants, fast food suppliers, catering, and well-known nationwide food chains in the Nordic countries. Thanks to our prestigious, well-known and reliable Nordic and international suppliers, we have over the years been able to maintain a

considerable market share when it comes to halal raw and cooked meats as well as halal ready-made foods.

Our Halal products

From the very beginning we have concentrated on producing our products according to Halal principles. Halal is regarded, in general terms, as what is permissible to consume according to the religion of Islam. When it comes to meat, Halal principles define how the animal must be handled before, during and after slaughter. In addition to this Halal for us means treating animals with care and respect and to minimize stress and suffering for the animal. For that reason, all our animals are stunned before slaughter. For our dedication and efforts towards animal welfare, our company has received an honourary award from a Swedish animal rights association; Djurskyddet Sverige.


We believe that many of our customers choose our products because they are Halal, but also that quite a few others prefer our products solely due to their high quality, tastier flavour and pleasing appearance as well as enjoying our expanding product line.


The next step

We would be honoured to welcome you as a long term customer or partner and together we hope to create a sustainable win-win situation. We look forward to having contact with you, to allow us to tell you more about us and the various ways in which we can satisfy your needs for Halal meat products